Hot boxing!

Oh. My. Goodness.

I have just finished the most awesome and crazy boxing class ever! It was boxing in a room which can only be described as a sauna type temperature (not joking). I was sweating the moment I stepped in there, and can’t quite believe I managed to get through the hour without fainting. I highly recommend this class; there were loads of abdominal exercises, leg exercises, punches, kicks etc…you name it, it was in that hour, and I will absolutely be returning next week for more!
CJ the trainer is great, he does most of the exercises with you, which I personally really like because then I know the trainer fully understands the pain and exhaustion you are feeling!
On the way home I managed to fog up the taxi windows…think that’s when you realise just how hard you have worked! All in all, a fantastic class with a fantastic trainer. Get yourselves down there!

Bye for now


You know you've worked hard when....

You know you’ve worked hard when….

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