Get back on it!


At the start of this year I decided I wanted to kick start 2015 on the right note and so I signed myself up to bootcamp. This was mainly because I wanted to start being more healthy and have a regular diet and a good diet too. Throughout 2014 I did so many different diets which majorly confused my body and my brain and just really stressed me out. Most of these diets were really unhealthy and even though some of them worked really well for short term weight loss; as soon as I ate normally again, I put the weight back on and more often than not I would put on double. I went to No1 Bootcamp in Norfolk for two weeks in January (which was a very cold time to go), and it really was the best most amazing and exhausting two weeks I have ever had! For someone that loves exercising like me, bootcamp was the best place to be, we did 7 hours exercise a day, yes SEVEN, and we had 5 meals a day. I toned up so fast I lost loads of inches everywhere and lost a good amount of weight, I felt great, I had so much energy, my skin was better, I made lots of really good friends, and my fitness shot through the roof. However when I got back from bootcamp I had a bad few weeks, I basically had no energy or motivation to go and exercise, this is really unusual for me, its stopping me exercising that is usually the hard thing! I think partly this is because I hadn’t been sleeping and therefore during the day I didn’t have the energy to do anything. However after a few weeks of being lazy and feeling rubbish, I managed to force myself to go to different classes and go for runs around the park and start eating the right things to get back on the right path. My top tips for getting back into exercising and healthy eating are:

1. Clear out ANY unhealthy foods from your cupboards and fridge. You know too well that you will be eating them if they are there, no matter how many times your tell yourself you won’t.

2. Exercise in the morning. There is a quote that says “Exercise in the morning before your brain realises what you are doing”. This quote may sound ridiculous but it is actually really true. Wake up, splash your face with cold water, get your trainers on and get outside or to the gym!

3. Don’t over do it! I am such a hypocrite when it comes to this tip, because I am always over doing it in the gym or I make ridiculous exercise circuits that just aren’t realistic, and when I can’t finish the circuits or can’t get through my crazy day of exercise classes I feel awful and disheartened. So keep it simple and keep it realistic.

4. Pack away leftover foods and wash up before eating your main meal. Ok, this one sounds strange and very unhelpful, but seriously its brilliant and has helped me recently with not over eating. When you cook a meal, do you ever find yourself eating it and then once your done and you start washing up etc. you start munching on the leftovers? So my advice to you is to make your meal, plate it up, put it in the oven to keep it warm and then clear away everything else; wash up, leftovers in the fridge and then sit down to your meal.

5. My last tip for today is to not let yourself go to the shops and buy lots of chocolate and biscuits (again something I have been guilty of in the past). When you get back home after your day at work or day at school, put your keys to your house/car and your money into a box. For some reason when you can’t see your keys or money the temptation of going back out to buy things disappears.

I hope these five tips help you to start getting back into a good rhythm of healthy living. My last two points to you today is to say that you can’t expect results over night, keep working keep going and you will see the results. And lastly HAVE A CHEAT MEAL once a week! Your body needs a shock and your brain needs a relief as well, plus you will feel so much more motivated to be healthy during the week if you know that a cheat meal is there at the end of it.

Have a great week!!

Bye for now


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