My inflight essentials…

YIPEEEEE today is New Zealand day!!! I am just so ridiculously excited!!
I have been busy packing all morning, as usual always leaving everything to the last minute…
I actually found packing fairly tricky this time…I am used to packing for one day trips for jobs where I only take pyjamas, a toothbrush and Bunny (my teddy). So packing for a month has been a little more challenging! (I mean there are harder things in life!)
I am most certainly the type of traveller that needs her inflight essentials and I have a very specific routine when I get to the airport….little bit OCD about that….
Anyway, I thought you would like to know what my inflight essentials are and why I would never get on a long flight without them, hopefully they will help you if you have never travelled before:


Firstly, and I KNOW this seems pathetic as I am 19, but getting on a flight without Bunny would be like having eggs without bacon…it just wouldn’t work! He is my MOST important essential!
Secondly my iPod Shuffle and my Monster headphones; I actually only recently bought a shuffle and it has been completely brilliant. I used to listen to music on my phone which would run out the battery, so finding my transport to a hotel when I landed was always a slightly tricky task. My headphones are great and cancel out a lot of noise which means I can just zone out and relax!
On the subject of cancelling out noise I also take with me some wax earplugs so that I can sleep without any distraction, seriously a must have!
For other entertainment on the flight (when I’m bored with the films) I have my kindle and always a diary which I write in everyday; however this time the diary is specific to the New Zealand adventure. I also have a “guide to New Zealand” book with me.

Those are all quite personal things that I take, however the next few things I really recommend that you all take:
Lip Balm – I don’t know about you, but my lips are always dry in normal life, and they go triply as dry in the air, no way would I get on a plane with out my lip balm.
Hand Moisturiser – I have this in my handbag in everyday life, and so wouldn’t travel without it.
Tissues and wet wipes – There have been too many occasions when I have been desperately in need of blowing my nose and there just happens to be a huge queue of people for the bathroom at that exact time, which results in me waiting with a dribbling nose for a tissue, and having to use my sleeve as a shield…just not at all attractive! Wet wipes are the perfect end of flight freshener; they wake you up, make your face feel fresh and just make you feel a little bit more human!
More often than not I will land and go straight to a studio for work, no time for a shower so deodorant will just have to do the job! (Trust me it has been needed)
Sleeping aids – everyone has their own technique of falling asleep on a flight, and actually I am someone who can sleep just about anywhere if I’m tired enough, for example you know when you are waiting to get off a plane and you are all standing up…well I fell asleep leaning against the bathroom door…the guy behind had to wake me up, and then felt the need to give me a round of applause for sleeping whilst standing, embarrassing or what?! I do however always carry with me some form of sleeping pill just in case I am finding it hard to drift off…just a little tip, wait till you are on the plane before you take them…
Lastly, and I guess only just more important than Bunny, is my passport…self explanatory why you need that!

I would love to hear what your flight essentials are, and if you are like me and still need your teddy!

See you in New Zealand 🙂

Bye for now


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