Walks, Views and a chocolate factory!

Another day another adventure! Day three in New Zealand and I already never want to come home! We had a bit of a lie in this morning, I was completely exhausted last night, fell asleep at about 8pm and slept all the way to 9am…nice long sleep.
We woke up to the most beautiful day, if this is a New Zealand winter then my goodness their summer must be boiling! Started off the day with a gorgeous walk up and around the coast of Waiheke Island, hopefully getting some sort of tan on the way…although I think I have gone more red than brown, unlike Elliot who only needs to look at the sun and goes the most ridiculous brown colour!
While we were sitting on the rocks next to the sea having a quick snack and rest from our walk, we managed to spy a huge sting ray which was seriously cool…although when I first spotted it, only one of its fins were pointing out, so I did have some awful feeling that it was a shark! Since it was such a sunny day we went for another quick swim in the sea before it started tipping it down with rain, this New Zealand weather is really strange, one minute its bright sunshine and hot enough for bikinis, the next you’re in jumpers and coats and sheltering from the rain!
We next hopped onto a bus to the ferry and headed for Devonport on the North Shore where we climbed Mount Victoria. Supposedly this has the best 360 degree view of the city, North Shore and Rangi Toto, and wow it really was a seriously incredible view, which unfortunately photos don’t do justice to!
My personal favourite part of Devonport was when we came across a little chocolate factory, I wanted to buy everything in it! Also did you know there was such thing as Dairy Milk chocolate bars with white chocolate on top of the milk chocolate…OMG just too amazing!
Anyway enough of chocolate (the more I write about it the more I crave it), we met up with one of Elliots rugby friends, Simon, for lunch before heading back to the city to collect our bags and head off to my family friends for the night.
So lovely to stay with my family friends and be treated to a delicious home cooked meal…last good meal for a while I would think as we pick up our camper tomorrow morning…and not sure how good either of us are at cooking…

Another incredible day done, and just can’t believe we pick up the camper tomorrow, still doesn’t feel real that I am here!

Hope you are all having a great week!

Bye for Now


Nice walk around Wiaheke in the morning
Nice walk around Wiaheke in the morning
stunning views of the beach
stunning views of the beach


At the top of Mount Victoria
At the top of Mount Victoria
Mount Victoria
Mount Victoria

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