Picking up our camper van…twice!

YIPEEEEEE we officially have our camper van and now the adventure can really start!
Of course picking up the camper didn’t come without its difficulties. We arrived at the pick up point, found our camper, made the last payment and headed on our way to the supermarket to buy some supplies. After getting everything we needed we tried to set up the sat nav to get us to Hamilton, however this decided not to work because it was out of battery and our cigarette lighter in the car wouldn’t charge it. We headed straight back to camper pick up point to get it fixed, only to find out that the clutch was also pretty broken. So after a bit of a wait (and a little hope for an upgrade) we were given another camper…the exact same one, just not broken! We unpacked one and filled the other and eventually got on our way to Hamilton.
Hamilton I think will probably be our least favourite place so far, there is nothing really to do there and it’s not that pretty, so we only stopped briefly for a spot of lunch, which was completely delicious, so I do rate it highly for that!
We then headed on for Waitomo, as we are doing the legendary Black water rafting there tomorrow. The drive to Waitomo was just beautiful, the scenery all around you as you drive along deserted roads is just stunning, however I fear our terrible singing along with the radio may have ruined it slightly…
We found our first campsite and set up for the night…as first time campervanners (not sure that is a word, but I’m using it anyway) we weren’t really sure how to plug the camper into the mains to charge it up, but we were pretty sure we got it right!
For those of you who haven’t been to a campsite before (and that is me to) they are awesome! There was a pool, jacuzzi, playground, trampoline, kitchen, laundry etc just so cool! I headed straight for the kitchen, we have decided that I will be cooking dinner and Elliot will be doing breakfast…I definitely got the better end of the stick, no early mornings for me!
We went for quite a simple but actually quite yummy dinner of pasta pesto with cheese and peas. We opened the bottle of wine that was given to us to say sorry for the change in campers and had a lovely evening.
First night in the camper and I have definitely caught the travelling bug already!

Bye for now


First night in our camper
First night in our camper
Elliot grating the cheese with a peeler as we don't have a grater...
Elliot grating the cheese with a peeler as we don’t have a grater…

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