Skydive Day!!!

This morning we decided it would be a great idea to chuck ourselves out of a plane at 15,000 feet with just the trust in a perfect stranger to get us to the ground safely…what better way to start a Sunday! We both decided not to tell our parents we were doing this until we were (hopefully) safely on the ground again!
I had been looking forward to this day for a seriously long time, I had been ridiculously excited to skydive and WOW it lived up to my expectations; actually it was far better and far more amazing than I could have imagined.
With the weather so awful yesterday, we didn’t have much hope that we would be skydiving this morning. However we woke up early to bright sunshine and clear skies, the skydive was ON!
We headed on down to Skydive Taupo at 10am for a briefing and to get suited up for the big jump!
Due to us both not really thinking we were going to be able to skydive this morning we didn’t really have time to think about it, so we weren’t really nervous at the beginning. As soon as that plane took off though, the nerves started to kick in and it was suddenly rather real what we were about to do. When we hit about 10,000 feet I started to relax, as I realised that there was no turning back and actually I had been desperate to do this so just enjoy it! Oxygen masks were given to us at 13,000 feet…not going to lie, we both felt quite cool at this point!
Elliot was first to jump, he flew out of the plane seriously fast and then suddenly it was my turn. My instructor shuffled us to the edge of the plane, no turning back now! Feet dangling out of the plane and cameras at the ready to take pictures of my reaction as we fell, we were ready to go!
Without any sort of warning or countdown my instructor threw us out…my goodness what a feeling that was, and one I will never forget. I had slightly anticipated some sort of air resistance as you fall out but no no you just fall! Your heart gets left behind, you go to scream but can’t catch your breathe, your face starts to freeze since its -15 degrees, yet its still the best fun I have ever had! We had just over a minutes free fall before the parachute (thankfully) opened! I was then allowed to take control of the parachute, now this was cool! I pulled down hard on one of the ropes to make us spin seriously fast and then the other way, just too much fun and I really didn’t want it to end!
It really was the best thing I have ever done in my life, and did actually say to the instructor how much I would love to learn how to do it myself…not a bad job to be chucking yourself out of a plane and get that incredible feeling up to 20 times a day!
Elliot and I both loved it and both have some awesome pictures and videos of the flight! I will (as always) put some of the best up under this post, and will try and put some of the video up too at some point!
After such an exciting morning, we had a more relaxed afternoon. We went back to Huka Falls so that we could see it in the sun and then we headed back to Aratiatia Falls to catch the gates opening this time, which thankfully we did! We also stopped at a little cafe for a quick sandwich lunch and then headed on our way to Tongariro National Park.
The weather started to set in and it was the most un-relaxing drive I’ve had to do with the wind knocking us all over the place and the rain pelting it down! Luckily we safely got to Tongariro National Park only to find out that the Alpine crossing we wanted to do tomorrow was shut due to severe weather warnings.
So we decided to settle down for the evening and find our next campsite, which has the most beautiful view of a river and trees surrounding us.
Such an exciting and action packed day, early to bed for us…I have a feeling it may be quite a cold night!

Bye for now


Me just falling out of the plane!
Me just falling out of the plane!
Elliot leaving the plane behind him
Elliot leaving the plane behind him


Right over Lake Taupo
Right over Lake Taupo

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