We woke up to snow…

I did say at the end of my last post that I thought it was going to be a chilly night, however neither Elliot or I had anticipated waking up to a thick layer of snow covering our camper!
Yes, we woke up to snow, and quite a decent amount of it too! Despite the snow being slightly annoying as it changed our plans a bit, it was rather beautiful! The rocks on the river, which was just behind our camper, were covered in snow, the trees all around us the same, so it wasn’t a bad view in the morning, and serves us right for coming in winter.
We did however have a few decisions to make; last night we had planned to do two different walks today and then stay a second night before driving down to Wellington. Although due to the weather forecasting for more snow overnight we decided we didn’t want to be stuck, and so we left Tongoriro and started the long journey to Wellington.
We had a seriously lovely scenic drive with the sun shining and bright blue skies ahead! It took us just over four hours to get there with a quick lunch stop on the way.
There is not much to really report about today as we were just driving, our journey went pretty quickly with lots of good (we thought) singing, and a few silly car games.
When we got to Wellington we booked ourselves onto a Ferry to the South island in a couple of days time and then headed to our rather different campsite…it’s basically a car park right next to a police station.
We had to use our little camper cooker for the first time which was really good fun! Annoyingly our fridge had managed to freeze all of our food somehow, so we did cook our meat from frozen but it seemed to work ok…and neither of us have been sick yet, so doesn’t look like I have poisoned us!
We were both pretty tired after a long day of driving so early to bed tonight ready for a busy touristy day tomorrow!
Have a great week!

Bye for now


IMG_8428 IMG_2640 IMG_2644

Snowy mountains in the background
Snowy mountains in the background
Half way to Wellington!
Half way to Wellington!


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