Our day as tourists!

Today we had a very touristy day around Wellington! We had the most beautiful sunny day so started with a scenic drive around the coast of the city which was absolutely stunning!
We stopped off at Weta Caves which is “a movie lover’s showcase of props and collectibles and screens a free behind-the-scenes video which makes it an experience in itself”. It was really interesting, and incredible to see how much work goes into a film before it even starts shooting…for example for ‘The Lord of the Rings’ there was 7 years preparation of props and costumes prior to filming.
Our next stop (and obviously the most important of the day) was breakfast…actually more like brunch, and it was the best brunch I have ever had! I definitely ordered well, although Elliot did order the most incredibly thick and huge chocolate smoothie which I was very jealous of! We also had the most amazing view of the sea and the planes taking off from Wellington airport!
So all stuffed full of food we headed up Mount Victoria in our camper to see the most spectacular view of the city, and it didn’t disappoint. We were so lucky with such a sunny day that we could see for miles!
Next, we went on to ‘Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa’ to see the ‘Gallipoli: The scale of War’ exhibition, which was utterly brilliant, best exhibition I have ever seen. I’m not that clued up on a lot of history, however Elliot is, and so taught me a lot as we were walking through the exhibition!
We spent about an hour in there and then moved on to another museum to see the World War 1 exhibition, again completely amazing! It’s safe to say I don’t often go to museums and wouldn’t spend hours in one if I did go, however these really were both brilliant and I really enjoyed them!
We had planned to go on a cable car and walk down from it early evening, but we left it a bit late and the sun was going down so we decided to skip that and do another big food shop and fill up with petrol in preparation for moving to the South Island tomorrow!
Instead of cooking tonight, we went out for a nice meal in Cuba street. When we first arrived we went into a really nice restaurant who immediately turned us away because we didn’t have our passports with us…unfortunately in New Zealand they don’t accept a driving license as ID, they didn’t even let us in just for dinner and no drink…typical! Anyway we moved on and actually found a much better place which let us straight in. We both had a seriously yummy pizza, and a nice bottle of white wine, it was a really lovely evening.
I can’t believe we have already finished our North Island adventure, it went way too fast but it was completely amazing and I cannot wait for the next part of our trip!

Bye for now


ps. Sorry for only one picture…my wifi is limited tonight!

Our camper enjoying the view of Wellington!
Our camper enjoying the view of Wellington!

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