Heading South…

We came, we saw and we conquered the North, now time to head South for the second part of our adventure!

The North has been amazing with so many cool adventures like The Black Abyss, Skydiving, Hobbiton and so much more! So far our camper (affectionally known by us as Joey) has been brilliant, no breakdowns, no crashes, and we have managed to remember to fill it up with Petrol and not Diesel!
This morning we woke up early (no time for breakfast or a tidy up) and headed for the ferry! I was particularly excited as I have never been on a big ferry that I can remember!
Despite being one of the first checked in for the journey we were last on; Elliot parked the camper up and (hopefully) put the hand-break on hard enough!
We had a bit of a bumpy first hour of the journey due to the seas being quite ruff…like ruff enough for warnings telling boats it may be safer not to travel! Anyway, when it calmed down we went and got some breakfast and went through all of our pictures from the North and planed a few other things to do and go to in the South. For the last 40 minutes or so of the journey we headed out onto the deck to see the incredible views, and wow they really were incredible, I have never seen anything so stunning and there was not a cloud in the sky…just beautiful! We spotted thousands of Jellyfish on the way in and a few (we thought) baby penguins…they were probably just birds but they really did look like penguins! We had hoped to see some dolphins too, but no such luck!
One of the first off the ferry we headed straight onto Queen Charlotte Drive for the most amazing (and windy) drive all along the Marlborough Sounds, again with just the most breathtaking views!
We pulled over on the side of the road to cook some lunch, Elliot fried up some burgers and we sat just above the sea staring out at the mountains. As we were sitting there we heard some coughing and splashing down below, we looked down and unbelievably there were two seals!! I really could not believe it and was jumping all over the place. These seals were huge and they were chilling out and playing in the shallow waters, how lucky we were to have stopped for lunch there and at that time to whiteness these amazing creatures!
We left the seals and carried on to Cullen Point where we ran up the hill and had a pretty spectacular view from the top! On our way to Cullen point we also saw an owl on the road which was awesome!
Next stop was our campsite which was right next to Pelorus Bridge…we had a lovely evening in the camper but were too tired to cook dinner…plus we had snacked quite a lot whilst going through all our GoPro footage, so some dry(ish) porridge was our dinner for the night.
After a long day of traveling, wildlife spotting and excitement we went to bed with high hopes of what the South will bring us over the next few weeks!

Bye for now


On the ferry
On the ferry


A wave hello to the South!
A wave hello to the South!

IMG_2834 IMG_2971 IMG_2995

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