Worth the plunge…

After both sleeping through about 15 different alarms we eventually managed to get up, cook a quick breakfast of banana pancakes and porridge and head on to the Nelson Lakes!
For any of you who have seen the classic shot of those kiwi experience groups jumping off a jetty with the most incredible shot of the lake and mountains in front of them, that was where we were going!
We got there around lunch time and both sat in the camper for a minute in absolute amazement for the view in front of us, it was just stunning! We made a quick sandwich and then went for a walk around Lake Rotoiti. We weren’t alone on this beautiful walk…a couple of ducks decided to join us and they swam and waddled behind us the whole way, it was very funny as they literally would not move from our sides! Another rather funny moment on our walk (actually completely hilarious) was when Elliot managed to miss judge the height of a rather large branch, whacked the middle of his forehead and was next minute on the ground with a bloody head! Ok maybe not THAT funny when you read it, but at the time it was! Being the lovely caring girlfriend I am I did try and be sympathetic but I couldn’t quite contain my laughter…he was fine though so I didn’t feel too bad…
It may be winter here and the waters absolutely freezing, however we both didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of jumping off that jetty that everyone always does; so into our swimmers we got and off the jetty we went! Elliot went first so that I could take pictures, and after hearing him scream as he plunged into the ice cold water (a manly scream of course) I didn’t particularly want to go in anymore! However I was in my bikini, the edge was right in front of me and the heating in the camper was ready to warm us up, so I did jump in! It was without a doubt the coldest water I have ever ever been in, completely takes your breath away and immediately numbs your whole body…although it was such fun!
After drying off, getting into some warm clothes and admiring Elliot’s now rather large egg size bump on his head, we drove on down to Murchison for the night.
We are hoping to be white water rafting tomorrow, however we think this will probably not happen due to the lack of other people wanting to do it too, and you can’t only have two in a boat…we will just have to wait and see!
Hope you are all having a great end to the week!

Bye for now


Snow into lake!
Snow into lake!


our friendly ducks
our friendly ducks


the classic shot
the classic shot

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