Pancake day!

What a day! I am well aware that my blog posts are currently full of words such as: beautiful, stunning, amazing, incredible etc but everywhere we go just seems to be more and more worthy of them!
This morning we started by going to the Buller Gorge Swingbridge, which is New Zealand’s longest swing bridge. Walking over it was seriously cool as it doesn’t feel that stable and there is quite a drop below you…not one for people scared of heights! Across the bridge there are a number of short walks which take you over the White Creek Faultline, where the epicentre of the 1929 earthquake occurred. It caused a 4.5 metre uplift at this point and measured 7.8 on the richter scale!
We decided to do the walk through the bushes to get to the Akire Falls. The walk was really fun as it wasn’t paved out very well so we had to find our own way through the bush. We got to the falls which unfortunately were not as impressive as we thought they might be, but still the colour of the water was amazing and the view was pretty good too!
Next stop was Westport to get some cash out, fill up with petrol and have some lunch. We then headed on down the West Coast to Punakaiki; this was a seriously beautiful drive with the most stunning views, we couldn’t resist stopping off a number of times in order to take lots of pictures! We walked the Truman Track which takes you to the edge of the coast and again just incredible views! On the Truman Track we came across a bird which looked very similar to a Kiwi, we were seriously excited by this and took loads of pictures, only to see ten others later and realise that it definitely was not a Kiwi…
We drove on down to the Pancake Rocks which are layers of limestone which have been produced through a layering weathering process called stylobedding over around 35 million years! With the most clear and perfect rainbow in front of us we walked around the Pancake Rocks which were a spectacular site and it was amazing to think how long they have been there for!
The sun was starting to go down, and we wanted to be at our campsite for sunset so we got ourselves back to the camper and carried on driving. We drove down to Greymouth from Punakaiki which is considered one of the top 10 coastal drives in the world…we will definitely not argue with that statement! It was a seriously special drive and with the sun going down we were treated to one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen…I spent most of the drive hanging out the window with my camera to get the best shot!
Our campsite tonight is great, we have the view of the beach, the sea and the sunset right in front of us…how lucky and what a day of unbelievable views and walks we have had!

Bye for now


Elliot on the longest swing bridge.
Elliot on the longest swing bridge.
The bird we thought was a Kiwi...
The bird we thought was a Kiwi…
Most incredible rainbow...unfortunately the photograph doesn't do it justice
Most incredible rainbow…unfortunately the photograph doesn’t do it justice
Pancake Rocks
Pancake Rocks
Me at the Pancake Rocks
Me at the Pancake Rocks
Next three pictures of the most incredible editing on the photos at all!
Next three pictures of the most incredible sunset…no editing on the photos at all!

IMG_3317 IMG_3335

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