Monsoon weather!

There is no doubt that when it rains in New Zealand, it does it properly! The whole day it did not let up once, but we didn’t mind as it didn’t prevent us from doing anything we wanted.
To start the day we drove to a Shantytown which was a complete replica of a 1860s Gold Mine village. It was really interesting to see how they used to live, we went on a steam train and we even got to pan for gold, both successfully coming away with a little TINY bit!
Elliot then drove us on down to Hokitika where we visited the Gorge…even though the rain was getting worse the Gorge was absolutely beautiful, I have never seen water so blue and clear before, just amazing!
Completely drenched we got back in our camper and I drove the next two hours down to Franz Josef for the night. The drive went really quickly, partly because I had to concentrate so much due to the rain and partly to the 21 questions game that we played for rather a long time…
When we arrived we went straight to the Glacier adventure office to see if our booking tomorrow was confirmed and whether the trip would be going ahead or if the weather was going to be too bad…they told us that no trips went out today and unlikely for tomorrow, so we left them with very little hope, but our fingers crossed for a sunny day!
Our campsite for the night is probably our nicest one so far, amazing facilities, a hot tub and actually another campervan…winter isn’t peak camping time clearly!
We had a lovely evening, great time in the hot tub meeting a few other travellers and then a nice dinner of pork fillets, bacon, cheesy pasta and broccoli (really healthy one…)
Quite a short post for today as we spent most of it driving, but again such a fun day with amazing views!

Bye for now




IMG_8646 IMG_8647 IMG_8632 IMG_8619

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