I’m a chicken…

After a bit of a lazy morning waiting for the rain to calm down and finishing off The Lord of the Rings we eventually managed to head out into town to explore.
We had a very relaxed but great day, and actually we both really appreciated a more chilled day having not stopped since we arrived!
To start the day we went to get a late breakfast at Fergbakers which was really yummy and geared us up for a day of exploring! We went into a few shops just to have a look around and just wondered around chatting and trying to organise the next few days ahead. Before lunch we came across the ‘Fear Factory’ which is supposedly the scariest haunted house in New Zealand!
I love all adrenaline things like jumping out of planes, exploring caves and climbing glaciers; but the thought of being stuck in a pitch black narrow corridor with scary people jumping out at you trying to freak you out does not appeal to me at all! However I decided I didn’t want to be a girl about it and not try it at all so after a Fergburger (see the theme of eating today) lunch, Elliot and I braved the Fear Factory! I had worked myself up way too much for it and had freaked myself out before even going in which was not clever at all, and I really hate admitting that I shouted “chicken” within the first 30 seconds…a lot of people may think that is pathetic (as do I) but according to the manager 7ft rugby boys have chickened out after putting one foot through the door! The reason why it is so scary is because the actors in there are allowed to touch you, chase you, grab you etc and the anticipation (while you are in pitch black with just an occasional red dot guiding the way) of them giving you a fright was just way too much for me! Luckily Elliot was then allowed in on his own and brilliantly managed to complete the whole thing…not without a few rather loud screams though! To give you a little more perspective on it, over 6500 people have chickened out over just two years of it being open!
Our next activity was much more civilised, we headed to the park to play Frisbee golf which was great fun and actually quite challenging, especially with the added wind to contend with! I will be honest, to start with I was completely hopeless at it, but after a few holes I managed to get the hang of it and actually threw the frisbee straight with some distance. The only two unfortunate aspects to the game was that Elliot obviously beat me…by a VERY long way, and secondly a boy playing behind us threw his frisbee with some serious force and it managed to curl its way passed all the trees to whack me in the side of my knee! For anyone that knows me you will know that I have a phobia of knees(weird I know). I can’t have anyone touch them and I definitely cannot think about dislocating them without nearly being sick, so having a very hard frisbee flying very hard into my knee was not good at all (although I do have a pretty cool bruise now!).
After frisbee we went back to our camper to get ready to go out. This evening we went out to ‘The Cow’ which was a really nice pizza/pasta place. At the restaurant they like to sit couples who don’t know each other on the same (small) table, and so we met a really lovely couple and had a great dinner with them!
Just realised this is rather a long post….nearly finished!
We ended the night by going out to a bar and playing lots of Pool, which I am very happy to say I beat Elliot on once, and VERY nearly a second time (he did beat me about 6 times before that though)!
A really nice and relaxed day…the calm before the storm as we have a big day tomorrow!

Bye for now


The famous Fergburger
The famous Fergburger


Elliot just entering the Fear Factory on his own
Elliot just entering the Fear Factory on his own
Frisbee golf
Frisbee golf



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