Maximum adrenaline!

We must be the luckiest brits alive; this morning we woke up to bright sunshine and not a cloud in sight…perfect conditions for jumping off bridges!
Bungy day!! We were seriously excited…and just that tiny bit nervous about the jump, mainly excited though! We decided to do the Nevis bungy jump which starts at 160 metres high and you fall 134 metres before being sprung back up, so it was pretty daunting!
We checked in at the office at 11.30, got weighed for the jump and then watched a quick video showing us just how big and scary it was. We hopped on a bus and 40 minutes later we had arrived at the bungy base. It all then went rather too quickly. We were harnessed up, re weighed and then given a one minute briefing on how to jump (you just fall!). Next we were put onto a little cable car to transfer us to the middle ‘pod’ where you jump from…this is where the nervous tension started building as it was getting a little too real what we were about to do. Elliot was first up, and before I knew it he had already leapt off the platform and fallen a very long way! I have to say that he was definitely the most calm in our group (or looked it anyway) and also did the most graceful jump with no faltering at all. I, on the other hand, was not so graceful or quick to jump off. I will slightly back myself up though and I think you will agree with me when I explain how it all works and why I faltered. So, just imagine yourself sitting in this little ‘pod’ (I will post a picture) dangling 160 metres high and your name is called to jump. You then walk forwards, sit on a chair while they hook you onto the bungy rope, have your photo taken and then asked to walk forward onto the edge of the platform (they are holding you by your back at this point). As SOON as you get to the edge they shout “3, 2, 1, BUNGY!!!” without you having had a single thought of how you are going to fall, what you are actually doing etc etc. so personally I felt I needed a little bit more time just to take it in…that’s my excuse anyway for faltering! When I did jump it was the best feeling in the world and the weirdest one too! I can’t really explain it, but because there is very little air resistance (unlike skydiving) you do just feel as though you are falling and nothing is going to stop you (thankfully the bungy rope did work)! It all went really fast but was absolutely brilliant…not sure my osteopath will be too pleased that I did it though…oopsy!
After our adrenaline rush on the bungy, Elliot and I made our way across to the biggest swing in the world which has a 300 metre arc and 70 metre drop. I decided that we should do it the scariest way possible to get the full experience, and so we did it backwards. This one was just such fun as we were sat (well dangling) next to each other and so could experience it together. The feeling on this one is like that feeling when you fall off the back of your chair….just with a 70 metre drop and 300 metre swing!
After a very adventurous and adrenaline filled day we headed back into Queenstown for some ice cream and a few hours of relaxing before a lovely dinner at Brazz and another few games at Pool…annoyingly I was not playing my best! More annoyingly however, is that my knee has decided to blow up and actually be really rather painful…and with my added phobia of knees I was not happy, and poor Elliot had to piggy back my up rather a lot of steps (he appreciated the fitness training though!)
What an awesome day, and I cannot believe we have just done a bungy (and a big one)! It was far far FAR more scary than a skydive!
We have a more relaxed day tomorrow!

Bye for now


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