Sleepy day!

We had a bit of a lie in this morning as we were both feeling really tired after quite a few late nights and very busy days!
I’m afraid today we didn’t get up to much as we were driving for most of it, but we did have a rather interesting and tricky drive thanks to the wind. I have never driven in such strong wind…it actually pushed Joey into the other side of the road and felt like we were going to tip over for the whole three and a half hours. At one point we pulled over to take a picture of Lake Wakatipu, as it was seriously wavey and quite magnificent! However I think as soon as we stopped we regretted it, as Joey then shook like crazy and really felt like he was going to topple over. We eventually managed to get out, after leaning all our weight on the doors to get them open, and then really regretted it…the wind was stronger than we thought, to the point of leaning against it and running against it but not moving, so we quickly decided to get back in and start driving again.
We went back to Arrowtown on our way back to Wanaka, went for a very quick walk through the old Chinese settlement and then grabbed some lunch. We did also go back to the ‘Remarkable sweet shop’ as we wanted more fudge…best fudge in the world! We both felt slightly more alive after some food and sugar so we headed on (with me at the wheel) to Wanaka. An hour later we got to our campsite which we had previously stayed at…I then fell fast asleep (by accident) in the back for just over an hour, before making us a quick supper of pasta bolognese.
We were both properly exhausted, I think because we hadn’t done much and so the other busy days caught up on us, so it was early to bed to prepare us for our last week ahead!
Hope you are all having a good week.

Bye for now


IMG_4386 IMG_8892 IMG_6927 Sorry for the lack of photos today!

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