A bright sunny day!!

Yipeeeee, after a very windy, wet and snowy night we woke up to a crisp, bright sunny day with a good covering of snow too!
We were in the most beautiful setting, had our porridge outside today looking out at Lake Tekapo and the snowy mountains, pretty good breakfast view I would say!
Our first activity of the morning was to climb Mount John. It took us an hour to walk the very steep path up to the top, but wow it was worth it. Even though I am very lucky and see some incredible views when we go skiing, these beat that hands down! We had a 360 degree view of huge mountains, (including Mount Cook), lakes and snow, just stunning!
We stayed up there for about an hour taking in the views and taking hundreds of pictures. We were meant to take the two hour scenic walk back to the bottom, however we realised that we didn’t actually have time if we wanted to travel a long way this afternoon, so we instead went back down the way we came. Apart from Elliot throwing acorns at every tree I went under to try and cover me in snow, it was such a lovely morning and a nice bit of exercise and fresh air to wake us up for a long drive!
The rest of the day was spent driving, once again we played lots of games, sang a lot of songs and had a very easy drive. We usually like to get to our campsite just before 5pm so it’s still light, however tonight we decided to drive a little further and got there by 6pm. I did not like the campsite at all, and neither did Elliot. The only way I can describe it is as a ghost town. There were lots of empty caravans on site and only us and another camper there, so it was rather creepy…I was very pleased when we were locked safely in our camper!
We watched half of ‘Shrek’ tonight too as we felt like a film, and obviously ate lots of chocolate at the same time!
What a great day, makes such a difference when it is so sunny!
Can’t wait to head to Kaikoura tomorrow!

Bye for now


Breakfast view!
Breakfast view!
Snowy walk
Snowy walk
At the summit
At the summit

IMG_4472 IMG_4500 IMG_4479

Little bird at the top
Little bird at the top

IMG_4516 IMG_4538

We just thought this was cute...
We just thought this was cute…

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