Saying goodbye to Joey…

So today was our last day in New Zealand, I can’t believe it has all come to an end so fast, but actually when I look back to our dinner up the Sky Tower it seems like ages and ages ago. What an amazing time we have had, everyday we have had an awesome adventure!
Today we had a bit of a lie in to about 8am, we then started to pack and tidy Joey as we need to give him back today. We managed to pack and tidy quite quickly and then headed on our way to Christchurch, our final destination of this trip. It took us about two and a half hours to get there and as always had a very easy and fun car journey.
When we got to Christchurch we went straight to our hotel, checked in and dumped our bags in the room. Next stop was to the drop off centre for Joey. I have to say that Mighty Campers (the company of the camper) were absolutely brilliant and I highly recommend using their campers. We had no breakdowns, no flat tires, no technical issues and it was all very easy to use etc.
We said our goodbyes to Joey, hopped on a bus and headed for a very early dinner…well that’s what we had planned. I think we must have got off the bus at the wrong stop, because we suddenly felt rather lost and didn’t have a clue where the right street with all the restaurants on was. Thanks to google maps however, we managed to get back to the street our hotel was on before attempting to go and get some food somewhere else. I won’t emphasise too much on who sent us in the wrong direction…Elliot…which meant we had to walk a lot longer and further than we wanted or anticipated, but when we did eventually get to Victoria street (thanks to me) where supposedly there are restaurants, we found that actually none of the restaurants there were open.
Christchurch at the moment is one big building site, four years on from that awful earthquake and you can still see the affects…it was rather interesting and sad to see just how much damage there was.
In the end we decided to eat in the hotel and afterwards went back to our room for a rather more comfortable night than the camper van.
I really can’t express just how much I have loved this month, and how much I really don’t want to go home.
I write these posts the day after, and so we are now in the airport waiting for our very long flight home. I will do one last post when we arrive back in England to round up this month and I will also start putting together some videos for you all to see.

Bye for now

Time to pack
Time to pack
Awful damage
Awful damage


Cleaning out Joey before drop off
Cleaning out Joey before drop off
See you later mate!
See you later mate!

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