Home, and tips for a camper van trip!

Hello hello! This will be my last New Zealand blog post, as after 32 hours of travelling I am now home and back to normal life…
I was extremely sad on the flight coming home, I really didn’t want to leave New Zealand and all the adventures that we were having, and in particular didn’t want to say goodbye to Elliot…even if it was for only a few days!
We arrived at Heathrow at 5.45am, nice and early for our parents to come and collect us…but we hoped the excitement of seeing us again would mean they wouldn’t mind…
When I got home, the first thing I did was to say hello to the dogs and then run out to see the horses, I was especially excited to see our foal, Lego! Lego is absolutely adorable still, he is so grown up now and just utterly gorgeous! After helping Mummy with the horses, I decided that the best way to deal with jet lag and tiredness is to not sit down all day and just keep going! So all day I was walking dogs, seeing Grandparents, looking after horses etc etc and actually managed to stay awake until 8pm.
Even though it is sad that New Zealand is over, I have to say that it is quite nice to be able to wear short sleeves and not be cold, blimey is it hot in England!! The one thing that I found very hard when I got home, and still am now, is that my beloved cat, Jessie, is not here…it is very strange not having him around and just really horrible without him!
So enough about things at home…apart from Jessie not being here, nothing has changed.
I have learnt a lot about living in a camper van and campsites and so here are my top tips for a camper holiday:

1. First and foremost, make sure the person you are sharing the camper with is one that you get on with well! You are in very close quarters all the time, and so you don’t want to be fighting!
2. If you are travelling in winter stay in powered campsites. Trust me it is worth the extra money so you can have your heater on, a cold night is not a happy one! Or if you don’t want to spend a few extra pounds, have an extra duvet, blankets and lots of jumpers!
3. Always have some chocolate handy…this was very important to Elliot and I, it keeps you going when you are driving, its a great pudding after supper, and lastly its just delicious!
4. Always leave lots of time for driving somewhere. When you are in a camper the wind will knock you around a lot more and if you are driving round a stunning country like New Zealand you may want to stop off to take pictures.
5. In a campsite, you want to park closest to the kitchen and showers…just makes life a lot easier (and lazier).
6. Always have plenty of petrol…I think that one is self explanatory…
7. You definitely want some good CDs to listen to. The radio signal can be quite rubbish, and it’s no fun driving in silence!
8. Have a good routine! Elliot and I had a great routine and it just made everything quicker and easier. For example, for us, Elliot would cook breakfast every morning while I tidied the camper and made it ready to drive, and in the evening I would cook supper while Elliot got the camper ready for bed.
9. A sat nav was an essential for us! It meant that we could concentrate more on the road and enjoy the trip without any stress. Plus we had a tight schedule and had no room for errors!
10. Lastly, and this involves cooking…a vegetable peeler does NOT work well as a cheese grater!

We had such a fantastic time in New Zealand (I think I have said that over a million times now) and I would definitely recommend a camper van holiday!
So that is the end of my writing for New Zealand, but there will be many more adventures to come!
Here are a few pictures of our favourite moments during our month!

Bye for now


Goodbye NZ
Goodbye NZ

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