An awesome time at Wimbledon!

I don’t know about any of you, but this time of year, when Wimbledon is on, is my absolute favourite! The only problem with it being on for a whole two weeks is that I seem to never get anything done in that time…
Last Friday I was lucky enough to actually go to Wimbledon on Centre court, in the most incredible seats, and not only that, we were there for the Heather vs Serena match!
WOW what a match that was, it may have only been the third round but it had the atmosphere of a final, we were unbelievably lucky to be there to see it live.
Heather played like an absolute demon against Serena, and after every point she won the whole crowd went wild! We cheered, we chanted and we booed (very unsportingly) the whole way through the match, it was such a shame Heather couldn’t quite finish it off, but it didn’t matter as she proved that she could compete with the worlds best!
We were also lucky enough to see the mens world number one, Djokovic, who played the most beautiful tennis and just showed why he is the best. His tennis playing was in a league of its own and he comfortably won in three sets.
I loved being at Wimbledon enjoying the tennis live with strawberries and cream, watching it on the TV really isn’t the same…but of course I am obviously still glued to the TV everyday watching!
This year my bet is that Andy Murray will bring the trophy home, he is playing incredible tennis and so far seems unbeatable, lets just hope Djokovic doesn’t get in his way.
If any of you love watching tennis and are usually cheering on the sofa watching like I do, then I highly recommend that you head over there one year, it really is worth it, and I really hope I can go back next year!

Have a great week, speak soon

Bye for now


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