My weekend in Cornwall…

Last Thursday I woke up extremely excited as I was driving down to Cornwall for a long weekend to visit Elliot. Elliot is now working in Cornwall as a waterskiing instructor for the summer…so if anyone wants to learn, head straight to him!
The whole weekend was absolute heaven and so much fun. As soon as I got there we went body boarding in Polzeath for about an hour…I managed to catch a couple of waves…Elliot managed to catch quite a few more. Despite my lack of wave catching, it was great to be in the sea bobbing up and down on the waves catching up on all our news.
After body boarding, we went for a quick dinner before heading back to the campsite and tent that Elliot is temporarily staying in.
On Friday Elliot was working and so I had a day to myself. I went straight to the beach (thankfully it was a sunny day) and had a lovely time sunbathing with my book. I had hoped that my phone would have enough signal for me to listen to the mens Wimbledon semi finals, but that was obviously going to be too good to be true, so I headed back to the tent and spent the afternoon watching the tennis. As much as I was willing Murray to win, I have to say Federer really did play the game of his life and deserved to make the final. When Elliot got back from work we decided to have a nice chilled evening together at the campsite.
Saturday was brilliant, Elliot had his day off and we didn’t waste a second of it! First thing in the morning we headed down to Polzeath for another body boarding session. This time the waves were a bit more powerful and also kept breaking on us, so after a while we did get quite tired but as always had a great time. The rest of the day was spent sunbathing, refreshing the Wimbledon app and just having a lovely time together. We played a lot of frisbee and bat and ball too…last year when we did this, my frisbee throwing was appalling, this time however, was a different matter…I was throwing like a demon (if I do say so myself)! Another lovely part of the day was when my friend Eliza and her boyfriend Ed turned up; I hadn’t seen her for far too long so it was great to catch up with her!
Our evening was so perfect, Elliots’ Dad very kindly let us go out for a meal on him, and so Elliot took me to Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant which had unbelievably yummy food! I particularly enjoyed it as I have been on a very strict diet in preparation for work (which I will talk about next week) and so it was a lovely night off that. The highlight for me was obviously the ‘Amedei Chocolate torte’ which was mouth watering, just completely delicious! I highly recommend everyone to go there for dinner if you are ever in Cornwall! I am also a huge fan of Jamie Oliver, and think that his passion for food and for changing food in schools and helping young children to understand the importance of eating healthily and the enjoyment of cooking from scratch is so inspirational, and I completely support him in all he does! Go check out his ‘Food Foundation’ website by clicking here:
This morning I drove Elliot to work before heading off home. I always hate leaving as we always have the best and most brilliant time together, but I will definitely be going back there soon…not only to see Elliot…but also to improve on my body boarding skills!!
I’m afraid I didn’t manage to take many pictures this trip, but there will be many to come in the next few weekends in Cornwall.
I hope you all have a great week, stay tuned for posts about my week…it’s a busy one and I’d love for you to be apart of it!

Bye for now


Day on my own sunbathing
Day on my own sunbathing
Eliza joining us on the beach
Eliza joining us on the beach

IMG_9336 IMG_9345 IMG_9347

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