I designed a bracelet!

Hello hello!
While I was in New Zealand I had an email through with an exciting project on it. This project was to design a bracelet with My Flash Trash and Topshop. This was something I was very interested in doing as I had met the founder of My Flash Trash, Amber Atherton a few weeks before New Zealand at a party, she was unbelievably nice and we had a great time together, and I also have a great relationship with Topshop, having done a few campaigns with them.
The theme for my bracelet is to reflect the summer season and positive vibes, and so it is very colourful with some great charms to reflect that too.
Click here to go and check it out and buy it: https://www.myflashtrash.com/shop/Rosie-Tapner
If you buy it you will also get a personal message from me.
Hope you like it, let me know what you think.

Bye for now


IMG_0401 IMG_0404 IMG_0412

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