Diets, diets, diets….

Hello! This will probably be the most hypocritical post ever, because as much as I hate diets, the idea of them and just anything about them, I have done a fair few over the past few years.
I wanted to tell you about just some of them that I have attempted and failed at…oh and I am currently on one, so I will let you know how that is going too.
So, where to begin with this conversation…I think the best way to help you understand why a diet is a bad idea is to tell you my experience with one I did last year (I apologise in advance if this is more of a rant than anything)!
Last year I did a diet which was basically an extreme Atkins diet. I only ate meat and good fats like nuts, and I ate VERY little, did loads of exercise and never ate past 5pm. I lost around 20 pounds in 20 days and by the end of it looked dreadful…but perfect for the model world. I was at school when I was doing it, and when I finished the diet my friends made me eat and eat and eat (I also wasn’t stopping them). We had lacrosse nationals at the end of the week and I needed energy to be able to play. The problem was, after depriving my body of so much for so long, as soon as I started eating carbs and vegetables again my body couldn’t digest it, I was SO bloated the whole time, I honestly looked 9 months pregnant and spent most of my time in complete agony. During our lacrosse nationals I felt really bad and had to keep running off the pitch to go to the bathroom, which obviously ruined my last ever time playing! After the long weekend of lacrosse we had a big last team dinner to celebrate seven years of playing together, and long story short, my tummy got way too painful and I had to go to hospital. Now for me this was the worst thing ever, not only was I in agony but I was missing out on a fun night with my friends, which due to travelling a lot for work I rarely got. This is just one of my stories where, yes the diet worked and I got down to the right weight, but as SOON as I started eating normally again I put it all back on…and double!
I have done juice diets, powder diets, generally not eating much, over exercising etc etc and frankly I regret them all. I regret them for three reasons:

1. They have made my weight fluctuate a huge amount which is so mentally challenging to deal with….especially in the world I am in, and makes you very self conscious.
2. They made me miss out on so many fun nights, lunches, dinners etc with my friends
3. They completely ruined my metabolism, which used to be insanely fast and I never had to worry about any of this!

Actually now I am writing this all down I am wondering why on earth I am putting myself through all of it again, but this time is different….sort of.
I have had a few months off modelling so that I could relax, have some stress free time, travel and just generally have a breather from being measured and criticised for what I look like. After having a proper break, I am now really ready and determined to get back to work and also do it properly, and therefore I want to do this diet and then slowly wean myself onto a healthy way of living and maintain my weight. Wow I sound like a typical model who needs to be super skinny, which I hate, and actually my main aim would be to change the fashion world into more of a normal weight bracket, so once again I am sounding really hypocritical!
For any of you out there wanting to loose a bit of weight, tone up and generally be a bit healthier, I recommend a ‘healthy way of living’, not a diet, a consistent way of life that you can maintain and doesn’t deprive you of anything your body needs.
I could go on and on and on about diets and the stress of them and how much I hate doing them etc. but I don’t want to be too negative going into the weekend.
Just one tip from me…eat clean, train well and be consistent, trust me you will feel incredible and see results fast, and these results will stay!
Sorry this has been a bit of a rant, but I am really passionate about helping people make the right decisions and not deprive their bodies of what they need….even though I am doing exactly that…I just know how bad it is and how miserable it is, and wouldn’t want anyone else to deal with it.
Have a fantastic weekend, I promise the next post will be more positive!

Bye for now


7 thoughts on “Diets, diets, diets….

  1. Rosie, what an honest article. My daughter is also a model and has experienced the same pressures. She will never be a size 6, and has learnt to eat healthily (most of the time), exercise regularly, and above all tries to not let sometimes hurtful and thoughtless comments by clients (and occasionally by bookers) get her down. Good luck and keep chatting!

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    1. Well done her! It’s so so hard to stay positive, but the main thing for her to remember is that she should stay true to herself and be happy with what she looks like, and my main tip, is just to laugh at silly comments (take them on board) but laugh. I got called a man once, just found it funny 🙂 Good luck to her, I hope it all goes really well!


  2. Rosie, this article is so personal and honest. I myself tried a diet and it was horrible because I somehow felt dizzy the whole day. Afterwards I realised how much fun I had missed and how bad my eating was… Now I’m trying to eat healthy and do a lot of excercise 🙂


    1. I’m so pleased you liked the post, and doubly pleased you have chosen the healthy route! Keep going with it, you will have so much more energy and be so much happier 🙂 let me know how it goes! x

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  3. Hey Rosie, this is a real eye opener for me, I never ever would have thought you would have these issues and problems, I’ve been following you’re career for a while now! Having seen you in vogue before your cover and after, as well as this I work in Topshop and I have seen you modelling the Joni jeans as well as the abroad photo shoot you did and our cosmetics and have long since named you my favourite model! And in all honesty have been ridiculously jealous of you and your beauty! I just wanted to say well done for your using your experiences and taking an honest account and honest approach to this modelling world! Keep up your modelling career please I’d love to see you as the face of
    Topshop one day! And I am sure many much bigger names!
    Be safe! I’m sure it’s easy to get caught up it all but you’re beautiful and your figure is incredible just remember that!
    Thank you again for this blogpost!


    1. Hi hi hi! Im so so sorry it has taken me this long to reply, awful of me! THANK YOU for such a lovely comment on my blog, that really meant a lot to me and makes me want to keep writing honest and truthful things about the industry and what us models have to go through, and also all the amazing things that we get to do! I promise I will write another post soon, things have just been crazy recently and I wanted to wait for a better time to start writing again. Thank you so much again for the comment! Sending lots of love to you XXX


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