Hello hello!
Im so sorry I haven’t posted for AGGGGEEESS, lots of things have been going on the past few weeks and I wanted to get everything sorted.
First things first on updating you all, and for me it is very exciting news:
For the past two years many people have told me that I should be going to university, however I refused to even think about going because I wanted to fully concentrate and throw myself into modelling and other opportunities too, plus my stubborn side wanted to go against what anyone was telling me. However recently I was trying to find something to fill my days that I have free, I desperately don’t want to be bored sitting at home doing nothing while all of my friends are out having an incredible time at university meeting new friends etc.
So after many sleepless nights I decided, about three weeks ago, that I wanted to go to uni…I know, pretty late to decide! I went through clearing and was so lucky to get into Oxford Brookes to study Sports Science! I cannot describe how excited I am, I can get back into my lacrosse, squash, athletics etc and study something that I am really interested in!
For me, I will ALWAYS put modelling and any other work that comes up first, I love working and I wouldn’t want to do anything to jeopardise my career, but I do want to be busy and also having the same experiences as all of my friends.
This year has been an interesting one for me so far, and I have learnt a lot of lessons from it, things haven’t always gone according to plan, I have been so frustrated and annoyed by this but now strongly believe in the saying ‘everything happens for a reason’! If I went through everything bad that has happened which has turned into something else good happening I would be here for weeks writing one post. Here are five tips/lessons I have learnt that I hope will help a lot of you:

  1. Tell yourself everything is great! – Literally say out loud to yourself “it is all great, everything is fine and it will all work out in the end” this positive thinking has helped me a huge amount, you just have to kid yourself and not let any negative thoughts enter your mind!
  2. Start afresh EVERY day – Don’t wait till a Monday, a new month, a new year…every single day is a new one so treat it like one. If you had a bad day yesterday, it does not mean you will have one tomorrow, make each day better than the last.
  3. Mistakes are good – I have made a ridiculous amount of mistakes this year and actually they have helped me go on to make the right decisions, if everything is always perfect then one mistake will seem awful, the more mistakes you make the tougher you become and the better you become at coping with them!
  4. Don’t rule out anything – never ever never EVER rule out something, I nearly ruled out uni, and I know I would have regretted it…always give yourselves as many opportunities as you can, because you never know which one may be your big break…there is a great quote which I love and now live by “I would rather go through life saying ‘Oh well’, rather than saying ‘What if’”
  5. Lastly (and this one will make my family very happy) learn to listen and actually take on board what other people say, never think you know best, sometimes (in my case most of the time) others know best, and you may miss out on an opportunity if you stubbornly block out everyones help.

I hope you find these useful. I will now be posting MUCH more often with loads of stories from uni and lots of other modelling and fitness related posts too!

Bye for Now

2 thoughts on “News!

  1. Hi Rosie. Sounds like you have made a great decision and I am sure that you will have a great Uni experience. Must be tough to have the modelling world and your agency putting constant pressure on you to be something that perhaps you are not happy to be. Well done for having the courage to take a different path and who knows what an exciting few years you have ahead of you. Look forward to reading your blog.

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