A yummy healthy lunch!

Hello! So today I officially moved into my University house which is so so exciting, and also means that I can start cooking again (now I have a stove and an oven) and I thought I would share with you a really yummy and very quick lunch that I made today…it took less than 10 minutes!
So, I only had a few things in the fridge, and I strongly believe that some of the best meals are made when you just throw whatever you have together and just see what happens…so that is exactly what I did.
I threw asparagus, chopped red pepper, mushrooms, spinach and scallops into a frying pan with some coconut oil and let them simmer for a while. Meanwhile I boiled some broccoli and chopped up half an avocado.
To the pan I added one table spoon of soy sauce and let that bubble away for a few minutes. When I took the pan off the heat I then added a tablespoon of natural yogurt which made a delicious sauce!
Sadly I don’t have a picture of what the meal looked like, however I will be cooking it again soon so will post a picture then. If i’m honest it didn’t look that pretty, but it certainly tasted delicious, filled me up and was healthy too!
When I next make it I think I may change the scallops for salmon and also throw in some courgettes too!
My favourite thing about cooking this meal was that I just experimented, don’t ever be afraid to experiment with food, if it goes wrong it’s not a disaster…it may just not taste very nice…
Let me know if you make this and look out for my next post which I shall put up on Sunday about my first two weeks at university, and how I am coping with juggling modelling and university life! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Bye for now

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