Week three already???

Now I am just about settled and understanding how uni life works I thought I would write a post on what I am now up to and a few tips and tricks I have learnt so far!

I spent (with my 5 other housemates) a week and a half in a hotel, as our student house wasn’t quite ready to move into yet, I have to say a hotel for freshers week is not a bad shout at all! We are now settled into the house, have nearly finished furnishing it and just about figured out how to use the dishwasher…it is incredible and so exciting to be moved in.
So far we have had freshers week and are now into our second week of lectures, I cannot believe how fast it is going, these past two weeks are a complete blur (whether thats due to freshers week or excitement of something new I don’t know!). I have made some great new friends, have started rowing, carrying on with my lacrosse, kickboxing, training in the gym, eating healthily and most importantly still working hard with my modelling and a few little acting things here and there too. I am however completely exhausted with everything that is going on…but I did always say that I wanted to be stressed because I am busy rather than stressed because I am bored.
Here are a few things I have picked up on uni so far, if any of you are also just starting at uni, I wonder if you can relate to these too, and if you are starting next year, these may help you prepare for what is to come:

  1. You will not escape freshers flu – can’t explain much further than that….you just will get ill during freshers week, so stock up on cold and flu pills before you go!
  2. Napping will become a necessity! – It just will!
  3. Sign up – I can’t express how important it is to sign up to everything and anything, yes it will become annoying when you get constant emails about things you don’t want to take part in, but signing up for things creates so much opportunity, it’s harder to join things half way through than it is to drop them (gosh I sound like a teacher right now)!
  4. You actually do have to work – SHOCK HORROR, you do actually have to do some work…personally my degree is a lot harder than I thought it would be…I like a challenge…but you do not want to fall behind at the beginning, so just knuckle down in-between naps, sport, lectures, nights out etc and get some work done (I agree, where do you find time, but you just have to)
  5. It will be scary – I never expected the start of uni to be scary, but wow it really was! You are suddenly thrown into a completely unknown environment where you have to make new friends fast, you get given 4 million bits of information in a split second that you don’t understand, and even though you were in that lecture room yesterday, you can’t for the life of you remember where it is today! That is completely normal!! And within about a week and a half of being there, you will start to understand it and feel like you have been there for years!
  6. Be independent – This is actually one of the most important pieces of advice from me. It is VERY easy to get stuck with the same people and copy exactly what they are doing, and follow them everywhere they go…especially if you go to uni with a school friend. DO NOT BE A SHEEP! I luckily am quite good at not being a sheep (one of the very few things I am good at) and it has definitely made things much nicer; I have made lots more friends, now have lots of different interests and feel like I am living my own uni life rather than living it with someone else (again back to teacher Rosie!)
  7. Water bottles! – I know that seems weird and a bit random, but I always pick up on those sorts of things! Bring a water bottle, there are three places you will need it…1. In the gym/training sessions. 2. In stuffy and hot lecture rooms 3. By the side of your bed when you come back at 4am from a night out…trust me on this one!!!
  8. Introduce yourself to everyone – you never know who could be your new best friend (lame I know, but true), just introduce yourself to EVERYONE!! It is also such a small world, you are guaranteed to meet someone who knows your brothers best friends girlfriends sister (that was a mouthful), but seriously I have met so many people who I have mutual friends with, and it is so nice to have some sort of familiarity in such a strange new environment.
  9. Try something new – One of the main advantages of uni is being able to start afresh, no one knows you for being good at this sport, or that musical instrument, or that theatre production; and so you can now try new things without the constant pressure and expectation to be taking part in those old things! For example I have started rowing, it is now taking over my lacrosse and I am completely hooked!
  10. Just enjoy it – Like I said at the beginning, I am week three and I can’t believe how fast it has gone…so just ENJOY it!!

I have waffled on quite a lot, but I thought that those points were quite important and I hope you can relate to them/or they will help you in the future!
Now I am settled a bit more into uni life, look out for many more blog posts, and how I am coping with juggling a full time job with uni…!

Have a great week, I will leave you with a few pictures from the past few weeks!

Bye for now

Two hours rowing training!
Two hours rowing training!
First lecture
First lecture
Night out with two of my housemates
Night out with two of my housemates
Cocktail night out!
Cocktail night out!
Celebrating my best friends 20th last night!
Celebrating my best friends 20th last night!
Can never resist a sunset picture. Taken from my window!
Can never resist a sunset picture. Taken from my window!

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