Cloud 9

I wasn’t entirely sure how to start this post, I wanted to start it with WOHOOOOOOOOOO or YAAAAAAAAAAY or just a million smiley emojis, but I just couldn’t decide…maybe all three instead?


Hello hello! I just wanted to write this post, as suddenly everything has started clicking for me and everything seems to be falling into place…of course there are still lots of things not quite there yet too, but I am really happy at the moment, which is just too exciting! Hopefully this post will show you that if you keep pushing through harder times, then everything WILL get better!
At the start of this year, things weren’t going too great for me: I wasn’t in shape for work, I was living on my own in London, I was putting up my stubborn walls, I wasn’t eating right, I was extremely unfit (which is not like me) and I just kept isolating myself from everyone!
Now is a completely different situation…I am having the best time, I am loving uni life, loving having to juggle modelling and education again, have made loads of great new friends, feeling really fit, eating all the right things (obviously with a cheat meal occasionally) and just slowly starting to be happier with the way I look (which is rare to me)! I also have the most scary amount of energy, which, for my poor housemates is not a good thing!
So, here are just five simple tips that helped me to being on “Cloud 9” and I hope they can help you if you are struggling with things too:

  1. Listen to other people! – This actually hurts me to have to admit to this, but probably the biggest mistake the past few years that I have made was not listening to other people. My reasoning for not listening though, is because I am stubborn, far more stubborn than most people, and I have one of those brains that when everyone is telling you to do one thing, and really pushing you into it, I automatically stop listening, and more often than not go against what they are saying. If ONLY I had listened to them, I wouldn’t have made so many mistakes!
  2. Exercise – I don’t know about you, but for me exercise is the best therapy, mind clearer, energy booster and just feel good activity. As much you may dread going for a run or to the gym, the quote ‘Just do it’ from Nike, really is something you should live your life by!
  3. Fake it – Have you ever told a story that isn’t real, and then once you tell it enough times, you can’t actually remember whether it is true or not? Well it’s the same with being happy, just fake it, the more you pretend you are happy and things are going well to other people, the more you will kid yourself into believing it’s true.
  4. Eat well – Definitely important, do do do NOT eat rubbish because you are feeling sorry for yourself, it is the worst thing to do, its a spiral to disaster….you eat rubbish, feel bad about it, so eat more, look in the mirror and hate what you look like, go to bed unhappy about it, try crash dieting, doesn’t work, eat more, kick yourself for it and so on…. If you eat well and feel good about yourself it will change the way you feel about everything, you will have more energy too. So just don’t have rubbish food in your house, i’ve been through that spiral for months and it is miserable, just trust me on this one, and get out of that spiral fast!
  5. Sleep and believe – sorry had to put two into one…sleep is seriously important for two reasons: 1) because you need it and it will give you energy for the next day 2) if you sleep and don’t toss and turn all night, it doesn’t give your brain a second to start stressing and thinking about how bad everything is going…I call it your ‘night-time brain’ and it is not a friend to you! And lastly never give up hope, just believe that everything will get better, that it has to. No matter what just believe that, and things will get better (obviously with some hard work from you, you can’t just sit around hoping and believing…you do actually need to be pro active too).

There are so many other things I could write down for you, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much right now. I hope these few things can help turn things around like they did for me. And just remember that if today is a bad day, it does not mean that tomorrow will be, and as my best friend always says to me:

“Keep your head up, and don’t take no shit from nobody!” (I live by this quote, so thank you Jessica!)

Let me know if any of these help!
Have a great rest of the weekend

Bye for now


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