Staying healthy in London

Hello hello! So recently a lot of people have asked me how I stay healthy, and especially how I stay healthy in London. London can be one of the most stressful, busy and intense places; but somewhere in-between your busy schedules and your 9-5 jobs you can do things to keep healthy.
My personal routine is to get up early in the morning, have a hot lemon and water, and go for a run. The fresh air is good for your lungs, it wakes you up and energises you too. I’m also really strange, because even if the weather is awful I still like to go for that run, something quite satisfying about running in the rain! When I get back from the run I then have a healthy breakfast…usually overnight oats, and then I head off to anything I have on that day. In the evening I make sure I stretch before bed and do about five minutes meditation to calm myself down after probably quite a stressful day. A lot of people will hate the idea of meditating, I did too when I was first told about it, but it is really useful…all you need to do is sit in silence with your eyes closed and either think about nothing or just reflect on the day. I actually use the app ‘Headspace’ it is brilliant and each session is only ten minutes…I really recommend it!
There are so many other tips and tricks I have to living in London and staying healthy, where to eat, exercise etc, so here they are…I hope they help:

General –

Water – this is seriously important, you need to be drinking at least 2 litres a day, if not more! It will boost your energy, improve your skin and lastly fill you up…so if you are trying to loose weight, when you are hungry, the likelihood is that you are actually just thirsty.
Routine – having a good and solid routine will help you stick with things. Make everything healthy you do become a habit, and it will be so much easier to maintain.
Don’t buy it – if you don’t want to be eating the wrong things, then don’t buy them!!
Cycle/walk – instead of driving into work, cycle or walk. Obviously if you are miles away then that is harder to do, but cycling or walking to work will not only get you moving and improve your fitness, but it will boost your energy and help you brain focus for the day.
Prep – one of the biggest things that helped me with being healthy and staying on track was to prep my meals the night before…I know it’s dull and the last thing you want to do when you get home, but it will make the biggest difference the next day…trust me!

My workout favourites! –

Barry’s Bootcamp – honestly the best group workout I have ever done. The class consists of about 30 minutes on a treadmill and 30 minutes using free weights, resistant bands and other equipment. The trainers are all awesome, the atmosphere in each class is electric and the feeling when you have finished is like no other! There are now two locations in London, one right by Euston station, and one in East London. You also get a smoothie after the class, which truthfully is one of the main reasons I love to go…!
Bootcamp Pilates – I was always really sceptical of pilates and yoga and things like that, but after going to bootcamp pilates my views completely changed. It is such an intense hour workout on a reformer, but it is amazing and you feel completely rejuvenated afterwards.
Fierce Grace – I actually (as much as I tried, and still try) cannot get into yoga, I just don’t understand the appeal. However, Fierce Grace was the best place that I tried for yoga, they were really supportive in there and really looked after people who had never done it before.
SP&Co – I have put this one last, even though it is my absolutely favourite. Unlike the other three, this one is a little more exclusive and very private too. So if you are someone who really hates going to the gym with others, and actually just wants to workout in private and have a complete lifestyle change…this is the place to go! SP&Co has completely changed my life, my shape and my attitude to nutrition and fitness! I have so much to thank them for, as for the first time in over two years I am learning to be happy with the way I look, and that is totally down to them. The lovely thing about them is that your workout is completely tailored to you, you will be the only person in the gym, and the constant support is always there whenever you need it! Just the most incredible gym I have ever been to, and I don’t think I will ever find one that beats it!

Restaurants –

The Good Life Eatery – all I can really say about this place is YUM YUM YUM! Really everything in there is delicious, and everything is super healthy and just so good for you! It’s such a lovely atmosphere too. You can take away, eat in and order online…so basically its perfect! I recommend any of their superfood salads!
Roots and bulbs – I love this little place, especially for their juices, so delicious and so fresh! Always a great place to go after a workout!
Wild Food Cafe – this is great place if you want to eat raw and vegan food! I love going there, especially as it is in convent garden. Always a great place for a healthy lunch!

Everything on here is just a select few that are my favourite, I hope these tips help you stay healthy in London, I know it is hard, but just make it a habit now!

Bye for now


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