Fantastic trip to the Theatre!

Hello hello! First of all, I should apologise for not posting anything for AGES! I just needed to concentrate on starting university and changing agencies, and everything has just been completely crazy! But I’m back posting now, and will make sure I do at least a weekly post!

So, I had the most amazing night last night! My boyfriend, Elliot, and I went to the Victoria Palace Theatre to see ‘Billy Elliot’. I have seen this musical about 3 times now, and it has to be one of my favourites!
We started off the evening by going for a drink at a very sweet little pizza place/bar called ‘Stretch and Pull’. It had the cutest little booths which were named after different places in London, they were very cozy for having more of a private dinner and drink, but still included you in the overall atmosphere.
After having a lovely drink together (a good old gin and tonic), we then headed to the theatre! I was so so lucky and managed to get last minute tickets, we were sat in the third row and right in the middle, just amazing!
Sadly ‘Billy Elliot’ is actually closing on Saturday night, and so the boys that play Billy are performing their last nights this week. Euan Garrett was playing Billy last night and he was just phenomenal, he carried the whole show so beautifully and just the most talented boy ever! Garrett was given a standing ovation (rightly so) after nearly every big solo, the one after ‘Electricity’ was at least 5 minutes! He was clearly quite emotional too due to it being his last night, but wow did he do it amazingly!
It was the most fantastic night; the music and the acting and especially the dancing were sensational and I am so pleased I managed to see it again before it closes. I hope one day it makes its way back to the West End!
It was such a lovely night and made even better to have Elliot with me! I just wish I could dance and sing like the actors on that stage! Although I fear that just one pirouette would send me spinning off back into the audience!

Bye for now


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