Finding your Feet

Hello! A lot of you have been asking lately for a post on how to gain confidence in your self, boost your self-esteem and how I found confidence with what I do.
I have to admit that it has taken a long long time for me to feel confident in myself and my appearance, and there are still insecurities that I need to work on.
Having grown up in the country, and as more of a stay at home walk the dogs type girl, moving into the modelling world was a massive step for me and something I found very hard. Suddenly I had to think about how I presented myself and be slightly more girly (which is not me AT ALL)! I was very self conscious at the beginning and had very little confidence and I guess experience with what I was doing. But over time, I pushed my limits and slowly started to forget about caring for the little things and start relaxing into the job and the things the industry required of me. Even starting university or just something new is hard and can knock your self-esteem, but you have to just stick at it, don’t give up and just get on with it…so on that note, here are 5 tips that have helped me “find my feet’:

  1. Relax – Possibly one of the hardest things to do, but if you take a massive deep breath and shake everything out, it really helps you relax about any insecurities.
  2. Get out of your comfort zone – This is my favourite tip, and actually the one that helped me the most, if you push yourself to further than you want to go, and do this a few times, it will help you relax and realise that getting out of your comfort zone isn’t as scary as you thought.
  3. Realise others struggle – When you have an insecurity, it is very easy to think that others don’t have the same feeling, however absolutely everyone has an insecurity, and more often than not it is ruffly the same as yours. When you realise this, it’s easier to build up your self-esteem.
  4. Chat about it – Hiding what you are feeling is the absolute worst thing you can do, tell someone about it, the more you chat about a problem and how you are feeling the less of a novelty it becomes, and it will start to be easier to sort. You have to let things out before you can start sorting, and with other people supporting you it’s a whole lot easier!
  5. Stand up tall – This sounds a bit funny, and I do mean it both literally and mentally. If you hunch over and hide from the crowd then you won’t look confident. However if you stand up tall and fake your confidence then people start believing it and in time you will too!

I hope these few tips help with finding your confidence, I don’t believe that confidence is something you find and then just stays, I know from past experience that you can gain your confidence and get it knocked and knocked, but if you keep your head held high and just forget about the silly knocks and move on, your confidence should stay, and you in yourself will become a much stronger person!

Bye for now

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