New agency, new hair, new outlook!


Wow it has been a long time since I posted on here, but I wanted to wait for the right moment, and now definitely is!

I have had the most amazing year so far, and it all started with a completely fresh start at a brand new agency, The Squad Management. I decided to leave my previous agency for many reasons, most of which I will keep to myself, but in short it was due to our professional relationship not being as strong as it was when I first started there. So I thought that in order for me to enjoy working and get the best out of what I am capable of, I needed a new start.
So, when I first started at Squad at the beginning of this year we hatched a plan to make a come back into the industry, and what better way to do so than creating a completely new look…blonde hair, and bangs!

My new look was completely thanks to the legend that is Neil Moodie and his fantastic colourist, Jesus Junior. Having worked with Neil on numerous shoots since I was 15, he knew my personality and my hair very well, and therefore could think up a fantastic new do! After the cut, he handed over to the wonderful Jesus who gave me the coolest colour ever, and I have to say, I love being a blonde!
My next thank you has to go to everyone who has helped me get back into shape, particularly to my yoga studio in Hemel Hempstead, Indee Yoga. They have been completely brilliant, really pushed me, and made each session great fun which has resulted in me toning up, leaning out and genuinely looking forward to each session!
Squad have been completely brilliant with me, they all know me very well from previous years in the industry, and I love heading into the agency to see them. I trust them completely and we have such a good relationship which has already proved itself with multiple big jobs and excitement, and definitely more to follow!
So, who to take the first photographs of my new hair and my new look ? The one and only Matthew Eades! I was so excited to shoot with Matthew as I love his work, and what a fun couple of hours we had snapping away. I have since been lucky enough to work with him again for The Times magazine, can’t wait for you all to see that one!
I’ll stop blabbing on now, but just a massive thank you to everyone so far, and I can’t wait to see what happens next, all positive and all exciting! I will put a new post up at the end of the week about my French Grazia job, what an amazing one that was! But for now, have a great rest of week and see below for some of my first pics of my new do taken by Matthew Eades!

Bye for Now


2 thoughts on “New agency, new hair, new outlook!

  1. Hi Rosie. Glad to read that things are going well for you. Sounds like you have exciting times ahead. Are you going back to Uni for your second year? Must take a lot of juggling to fit everything in. Hope that you have a great year.


    1. Hi Claire, I hope all is good with you! I am indeed going back to uni, just been cleaning my uni house ready for our arrival back! It’s a lot to juggle, but I love being crazy busy haha although sometimes it does get a little bit too much! xx


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