Psycle London

Hello hello

I know it’s been such a long time since I posted, but it is my new years resolution to really get going with the blog and stop slacking with it!

So my first post of the year is about this awesome workout I went to yesterday with my bestie. She has been desperate to take me for MONTHS, but we have both been so so busy and never managed to…until yesterday!

Psycle is a seriously high intensity, low impact workout which makes you feel amazing! I have never worked so hard and still kept a smile on my face! As soon as you start the workout the lights go out and the disco lights come on, the music is brilliant and the instructors are SO infectious, it honestly just feels like you are in a nightclub but you come out feeling so great!

I just wanted to highlight Psycle because I have been to hundreds of different workouts which have been great, but I’ve never left any of them desperate to head back there straight away! I can’t wait to get back there (hopefully this week). I really recommend it to anyone of any ability because you can go at your own pace at your own level and yet you still feel apart of the group.

Check out their website for more info here:


Bye for Now



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