My new favourite toy!

Hello hello!

Hope you have all had a lovely week!

EEEEEK so I have just bought something that I am very excited about and have wanted for SO long! Many of you will know I absolutely LOVE photography, whether it’s taking pictures of my family, my dogs, trees, landscapes, whatever I just love it! Over the past couple of years I have also become obsessed with writing a diary and trying to do a photo a day with my writing. This year my resolution is to 100% do a photo a day that either reflects my mood, or maybe just a picture of what happened! Today my picture was of my brand new camera! Ok so it’s not a smart, brand new, top of the range high quality camera, but it is one that I have wanted for ages to keep a fun log of my life…a polaroid camera! I actually really wanted a proper film camera, but sadly they don’t sell those easily and they are very expensive, so I thought I would start with a polaroid! It is amazing, I haven’t actually taken a picture yet as I haven’t had the chance, but I cannot wait to start using it tomorrow! It also gives me an excuse to start up yet ANOTHER album/scrapbook…I have SO many!

I wanted to write this post, first because I am so excited about my camera, but secondly to maybe inspire you guys to start documenting your life. I know there are a lot of bloggers and vloggers out there who like to document their life online. However, there are also so many people (you may be one of them) that would rather keep your life private (I don’t blame you!) but this shouldn’t stop you from keeping a log of your life even if it’s just for you!

I am extremely lucky that my parents filmed and photographed literally every second of our lives from the moment we were born until now/they still haven’t stopped. So we have endless albums and DVDs of our childhood which are just SO special to look back on, and I honestly can’t thank my parents enough for putting in that time and effort! I know a lot of families that don’t have anything to look back on and I just find that so sad..there are only so many memories we can fit into our brains, and sometimes the smallest ones can be forgotten. This is why I have started to write, take pictures and videos of everything ย I do, I even write down any dreams I can remember…they can be really strange to read back!

The reason I do all of this is not only for me to look back on in years to come, but also for my children and grandchildren in the future to see what I did and the experiences I had. My Mum has written a diary every day since she was 13, and although a lot of the days are rather dull to read about, there are the occasional ones which are just hilarious! It’s great fun to hear what Mum was like when she was my age!

Anyway I have rambled on long enough, but I hope you enjoyed this post and are maybe even the tiiiiniest bit inspired to start writing or filming or photographing your life! Trust me it’s all worth it!

Bye for now



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