Heavenly weekend at home!

Hello hello

So last weekend (i.e. the weekend that we have just had) I was meant to be running the Bath half marathon, but sadly due to my torn ligament in my ankle I had to pull out. My ankle is starting to get stronger, but can only manage about a 10k run before it starts to buckle so there was no chance it would survive a half marathon!

The best thing to come out of not doing it was getting to spend the most heavenly weekend at home walking the dogs, being with the horses and spending some time with my grandparents.

This is without a doubt my favourite sort of weekend. I spent it grooming my horse (who I can’t ride at the moment because he is injured), playing with the foals and walking the dogs and just generally relaxing and de stressing after a very long week! On Sunday it was the most horrendous weather but it made for a very fun dog walk, both of them came back sopping wet and seriously muddy, which was fine until they shook all over the white walls in the house…oops!

Here are a few pictures from my weekend! Have a great week everyone!

Bye for now


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