Wing Walking!

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I have had the best day today!! My 21st present from my family (my Birthday was back in October) was to go Wing walking, for those of you who don’t know what that is, it is when you stand on top of an aeroplane while it flies! To most people that sounds like the worst possible thing to want to do, but to me just GREAT FUN!!

So after months of waiting for the Wing walking season, as it were, my day finally arrived! Mum drove me to Chiltern Park Aerodrome where the flight would take place. There I was given a quick briefing and then introduced to my amazing pilot, Mike Dentith. I hopped up onto the wing, was strapped in and away we went!

Honestly it was the best 10minutes experience ever! I loved every second! So many dives and steep climbs and most of all incredible ‘birds eye’ views. If I was allowed I would have stayed up there all day! All I can say is thank goodness the engine was loud, because I laughed and screamed for every second of the flight!

I would recommend this to absolutely everyone, it really was just incredible, not at all scary, and something I will never forget!

Have a great rest of the weekend! I have also created a video of my experience…click HERE TO WATCH IT NOW!!

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Tough Mudder Half

Hello hello,

Happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone, hope you all have a lovely day!

So, my friends and I did a Tough Mudder Half last Saturday which was the best fun ever! We were probably not in the best of states to be doing it though as we had our Sports Awards dinner the night before, so a few of the team were a little hungover….and nearly everyone in the team had an injury or were decently unfit. SO, with that we named the team ‘Team Invalids’. I was told by my physio that I could definitely NOT do the event…and usually I would listen, but this time I just really didn’t want to miss out! Despite our injuries and levels of fitness, we completed the challenge and loved every second! My favourite obstacle has to be ‘Mud Mile’ where you walk through the most ridiculous amount of mud, and of course this had to lead to a mud fight!

I have always wanted to do a Tough Mudder and it did not disappoint, in fact I loved it so much that I have signed up to do a full Tough Mudder in August!

For anyone that has been wanting to do one but doesn’t feel like they can, really and truly you can, our whole team were crippled with injuries before we even started, most of us unfit and none of us had actually trained for the event, so if we can complete it like that, then anyone can!

I have made a little video of the whole course, so please go and check it out by clicking HERE. Sadly you can only view it on a laptop…trying to figure out why that is! Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Psycle London

Hello hello

I know it’s been such a long time since I posted, but it is my new years resolution to really get going with the blog and stop slacking with it!

So my first post of the year is about this awesome workout I went to yesterday with my bestie. She has been desperate to take me for MONTHS, but we have both been so so busy and never managed to…until yesterday!

Psycle is a seriously high intensity, low impact workout which makes you feel amazing! I have never worked so hard and still kept a smile on my face! As soon as you start the workout the lights go out and the disco lights come on, the music is brilliant and the instructors are SO infectious, it honestly just feels like you are in a nightclub but you come out feeling so great!

I just wanted to highlight Psycle because I have been to hundreds of different workouts which have been great, but I’ve never left any of them desperate to head back there straight away! I can’t wait to get back there (hopefully this week). I really recommend it to anyone of any ability because you can go at your own pace at your own level and yet you still feel apart of the group.

Check out their website for more info here:


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Finding your Feet

Hello! A lot of you have been asking lately for a post on how to gain confidence in your self, boost your self-esteem and how I found confidence with what I do.
I have to admit that it has taken a long long time for me to feel confident in myself and my appearance, and there are still insecurities that I need to work on.
Having grown up in the country, and as more of a stay at home walk the dogs type girl, moving into the modelling world was a massive step for me and something I found very hard. Suddenly I had to think about how I presented myself and be slightly more girly (which is not me AT ALL)! I was very self conscious at the beginning and had very little confidence and I guess experience with what I was doing. But over time, I pushed my limits and slowly started to forget about caring for the little things and start relaxing into the job and the things the industry required of me. Even starting university or just something new is hard and can knock your self-esteem, but you have to just stick at it, don’t give up and just get on with it…so on that note, here are 5 tips that have helped me “find my feet’:

  1. Relax – Possibly one of the hardest things to do, but if you take a massive deep breath and shake everything out, it really helps you relax about any insecurities.
  2. Get out of your comfort zone – This is my favourite tip, and actually the one that helped me the most, if you push yourself to further than you want to go, and do this a few times, it will help you relax and realise that getting out of your comfort zone isn’t as scary as you thought.
  3. Realise others struggle – When you have an insecurity, it is very easy to think that others don’t have the same feeling, however absolutely everyone has an insecurity, and more often than not it is ruffly the same as yours. When you realise this, it’s easier to build up your self-esteem.
  4. Chat about it – Hiding what you are feeling is the absolute worst thing you can do, tell someone about it, the more you chat about a problem and how you are feeling the less of a novelty it becomes, and it will start to be easier to sort. You have to let things out before you can start sorting, and with other people supporting you it’s a whole lot easier!
  5. Stand up tall – This sounds a bit funny, and I do mean it both literally and mentally. If you hunch over and hide from the crowd then you won’t look confident. However if you stand up tall and fake your confidence then people start believing it and in time you will too!

I hope these few tips help with finding your confidence, I don’t believe that confidence is something you find and then just stays, I know from past experience that you can gain your confidence and get it knocked and knocked, but if you keep your head held high and just forget about the silly knocks and move on, your confidence should stay, and you in yourself will become a much stronger person!

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Fantastic trip to the Theatre!

Hello hello! First of all, I should apologise for not posting anything for AGES! I just needed to concentrate on starting university and changing agencies, and everything has just been completely crazy! But I’m back posting now, and will make sure I do at least a weekly post!

So, I had the most amazing night last night! My boyfriend, Elliot, and I went to the Victoria Palace Theatre to see ‘Billy Elliot’. I have seen this musical about 3 times now, and it has to be one of my favourites!
We started off the evening by going for a drink at a very sweet little pizza place/bar called ‘Stretch and Pull’. It had the cutest little booths which were named after different places in London, they were very cozy for having more of a private dinner and drink, but still included you in the overall atmosphere.
After having a lovely drink together (a good old gin and tonic), we then headed to the theatre! I was so so lucky and managed to get last minute tickets, we were sat in the third row and right in the middle, just amazing!
Sadly ‘Billy Elliot’ is actually closing on Saturday night, and so the boys that play Billy are performing their last nights this week. Euan Garrett was playing Billy last night and he was just phenomenal, he carried the whole show so beautifully and just the most talented boy ever! Garrett was given a standing ovation (rightly so) after nearly every big solo, the one after ‘Electricity’ was at least 5 minutes! He was clearly quite emotional too due to it being his last night, but wow did he do it amazingly!
It was the most fantastic night; the music and the acting and especially the dancing were sensational and I am so pleased I managed to see it again before it closes. I hope one day it makes its way back to the West End!
It was such a lovely night and made even better to have Elliot with me! I just wish I could dance and sing like the actors on that stage! Although I fear that just one pirouette would send me spinning off back into the audience!

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Staying healthy in London

Hello hello! So recently a lot of people have asked me how I stay healthy, and especially how I stay healthy in London. London can be one of the most stressful, busy and intense places; but somewhere in-between your busy schedules and your 9-5 jobs you can do things to keep healthy.
My personal routine is to get up early in the morning, have a hot lemon and water, and go for a run. The fresh air is good for your lungs, it wakes you up and energises you too. I’m also really strange, because even if the weather is awful I still like to go for that run, something quite satisfying about running in the rain! When I get back from the run I then have a healthy breakfast…usually overnight oats, and then I head off to anything I have on that day. In the evening I make sure I stretch before bed and do about five minutes meditation to calm myself down after probably quite a stressful day. A lot of people will hate the idea of meditating, I did too when I was first told about it, but it is really useful…all you need to do is sit in silence with your eyes closed and either think about nothing or just reflect on the day. I actually use the app ‘Headspace’ it is brilliant and each session is only ten minutes…I really recommend it!
There are so many other tips and tricks I have to living in London and staying healthy, where to eat, exercise etc, so here they are…I hope they help:

General –

Water – this is seriously important, you need to be drinking at least 2 litres a day, if not more! It will boost your energy, improve your skin and lastly fill you up…so if you are trying to loose weight, when you are hungry, the likelihood is that you are actually just thirsty.
Routine – having a good and solid routine will help you stick with things. Make everything healthy you do become a habit, and it will be so much easier to maintain.
Don’t buy it – if you don’t want to be eating the wrong things, then don’t buy them!!
Cycle/walk – instead of driving into work, cycle or walk. Obviously if you are miles away then that is harder to do, but cycling or walking to work will not only get you moving and improve your fitness, but it will boost your energy and help you brain focus for the day.
Prep – one of the biggest things that helped me with being healthy and staying on track was to prep my meals the night before…I know it’s dull and the last thing you want to do when you get home, but it will make the biggest difference the next day…trust me!

My workout favourites! –

Barry’s Bootcamp – honestly the best group workout I have ever done. The class consists of about 30 minutes on a treadmill and 30 minutes using free weights, resistant bands and other equipment. The trainers are all awesome, the atmosphere in each class is electric and the feeling when you have finished is like no other! There are now two locations in London, one right by Euston station, and one in East London. You also get a smoothie after the class, which truthfully is one of the main reasons I love to go…!
Bootcamp Pilates – I was always really sceptical of pilates and yoga and things like that, but after going to bootcamp pilates my views completely changed. It is such an intense hour workout on a reformer, but it is amazing and you feel completely rejuvenated afterwards.
Fierce Grace – I actually (as much as I tried, and still try) cannot get into yoga, I just don’t understand the appeal. However, Fierce Grace was the best place that I tried for yoga, they were really supportive in there and really looked after people who had never done it before.
SP&Co – I have put this one last, even though it is my absolutely favourite. Unlike the other three, this one is a little more exclusive and very private too. So if you are someone who really hates going to the gym with others, and actually just wants to workout in private and have a complete lifestyle change…this is the place to go! SP&Co has completely changed my life, my shape and my attitude to nutrition and fitness! I have so much to thank them for, as for the first time in over two years I am learning to be happy with the way I look, and that is totally down to them. The lovely thing about them is that your workout is completely tailored to you, you will be the only person in the gym, and the constant support is always there whenever you need it! Just the most incredible gym I have ever been to, and I don’t think I will ever find one that beats it!

Restaurants –

The Good Life Eatery – all I can really say about this place is YUM YUM YUM! Really everything in there is delicious, and everything is super healthy and just so good for you! It’s such a lovely atmosphere too. You can take away, eat in and order online…so basically its perfect! I recommend any of their superfood salads!
Roots and bulbs – I love this little place, especially for their juices, so delicious and so fresh! Always a great place to go after a workout!
Wild Food Cafe – this is great place if you want to eat raw and vegan food! I love going there, especially as it is in convent garden. Always a great place for a healthy lunch!

Everything on here is just a select few that are my favourite, I hope these tips help you stay healthy in London, I know it is hard, but just make it a habit now!

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Cloud 9

I wasn’t entirely sure how to start this post, I wanted to start it with WOHOOOOOOOOOO or YAAAAAAAAAAY or just a million smiley emojis, but I just couldn’t decide…maybe all three instead?


Hello hello! I just wanted to write this post, as suddenly everything has started clicking for me and everything seems to be falling into place…of course there are still lots of things not quite there yet too, but I am really happy at the moment, which is just too exciting! Hopefully this post will show you that if you keep pushing through harder times, then everything WILL get better!
At the start of this year, things weren’t going too great for me: I wasn’t in shape for work, I was living on my own in London, I was putting up my stubborn walls, I wasn’t eating right, I was extremely unfit (which is not like me) and I just kept isolating myself from everyone!
Now is a completely different situation…I am having the best time, I am loving uni life, loving having to juggle modelling and education again, have made loads of great new friends, feeling really fit, eating all the right things (obviously with a cheat meal occasionally) and just slowly starting to be happier with the way I look (which is rare to me)! I also have the most scary amount of energy, which, for my poor housemates is not a good thing!
So, here are just five simple tips that helped me to being on “Cloud 9” and I hope they can help you if you are struggling with things too:

  1. Listen to other people! – This actually hurts me to have to admit to this, but probably the biggest mistake the past few years that I have made was not listening to other people. My reasoning for not listening though, is because I am stubborn, far more stubborn than most people, and I have one of those brains that when everyone is telling you to do one thing, and really pushing you into it, I automatically stop listening, and more often than not go against what they are saying. If ONLY I had listened to them, I wouldn’t have made so many mistakes!
  2. Exercise – I don’t know about you, but for me exercise is the best therapy, mind clearer, energy booster and just feel good activity. As much you may dread going for a run or to the gym, the quote ‘Just do it’ from Nike, really is something you should live your life by!
  3. Fake it – Have you ever told a story that isn’t real, and then once you tell it enough times, you can’t actually remember whether it is true or not? Well it’s the same with being happy, just fake it, the more you pretend you are happy and things are going well to other people, the more you will kid yourself into believing it’s true.
  4. Eat well – Definitely important, do do do NOT eat rubbish because you are feeling sorry for yourself, it is the worst thing to do, its a spiral to disaster….you eat rubbish, feel bad about it, so eat more, look in the mirror and hate what you look like, go to bed unhappy about it, try crash dieting, doesn’t work, eat more, kick yourself for it and so on…. If you eat well and feel good about yourself it will change the way you feel about everything, you will have more energy too. So just don’t have rubbish food in your house, i’ve been through that spiral for months and it is miserable, just trust me on this one, and get out of that spiral fast!
  5. Sleep and believe – sorry had to put two into one…sleep is seriously important for two reasons: 1) because you need it and it will give you energy for the next day 2) if you sleep and don’t toss and turn all night, it doesn’t give your brain a second to start stressing and thinking about how bad everything is going…I call it your ‘night-time brain’ and it is not a friend to you! And lastly never give up hope, just believe that everything will get better, that it has to. No matter what just believe that, and things will get better (obviously with some hard work from you, you can’t just sit around hoping and believing…you do actually need to be pro active too).

There are so many other things I could write down for you, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much right now. I hope these few things can help turn things around like they did for me. And just remember that if today is a bad day, it does not mean that tomorrow will be, and as my best friend always says to me:

“Keep your head up, and don’t take no shit from nobody!” (I live by this quote, so thank you Jessica!)

Let me know if any of these help!
Have a great rest of the weekend

Bye for now