New agency, new hair, new outlook!


Wow it has been a long time since I posted on here, but I wanted to wait for the right moment, and now definitely is!

I have had the most amazing year so far, and it all started with a completely fresh start at a brand new agency, The Squad Management. I decided to leave my previous agency for many reasons, most of which I will keep to myself, but in short it was due to our professional relationship not being as strong as it was when I first started there. So I thought that in order for me to enjoy working and get the best out of what I am capable of, I needed a new start.
So, when I first started at Squad at the beginning of this year we hatched a plan to make a come back into the industry, and what better way to do so than creating a completely new look…blonde hair, and bangs!

My new look was completely thanks to the legend that is Neil Moodie and his fantastic colourist, Jesus Junior. Having worked with Neil on numerous shoots since I was 15, he knew my personality and my hair very well, and therefore could think up a fantastic new do! After the cut, he handed over to the wonderful Jesus who gave me the coolest colour ever, and I have to say, I love being a blonde!
My next thank you has to go to everyone who has helped me get back into shape, particularly to my yoga studio in Hemel Hempstead, Indee Yoga. They have been completely brilliant, really pushed me, and made each session great fun which has resulted in me toning up, leaning out and genuinely looking forward to each session!
Squad have been completely brilliant with me, they all know me very well from previous years in the industry, and I love heading into the agency to see them. I trust them completely and we have such a good relationship which has already proved itself with multiple big jobs and excitement, and definitely more to follow!
So, who to take the first photographs of my new hair and my new look ? The one and only Matthew Eades! I was so excited to shoot with Matthew as I love his work, and what a fun couple of hours we had snapping away. I have since been lucky enough to work with him again for The Times magazine, can’t wait for you all to see that one!
I’ll stop blabbing on now, but just a massive thank you to everyone so far, and I can’t wait to see what happens next, all positive and all exciting! I will put a new post up at the end of the week about my French Grazia job, what an amazing one that was! But for now, have a great rest of week and see below for some of my first pics of my new do taken by Matthew Eades!

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I designed a bracelet!

Hello hello!
While I was in New Zealand I had an email through with an exciting project on it. This project was to design a bracelet with My Flash Trash and Topshop. This was something I was very interested in doing as I had met the founder of My Flash Trash, Amber Atherton a few weeks before New Zealand at a party, she was unbelievably nice and we had a great time together, and I also have a great relationship with Topshop, having done a few campaigns with them.
The theme for my bracelet is to reflect the summer season and positive vibes, and so it is very colourful with some great charms to reflect that too.
Click here to go and check it out and buy it:
If you buy it you will also get a personal message from me.
Hope you like it, let me know what you think.

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IMG_0401 IMG_0404 IMG_0412

My first shoot…

I was asked a couple of days ago by a young aspiring model, “What was your first shoot like, and what can I expect?” This got me thinking about my first ever shoot, not my first one for a client, but my first time in front of the camera…my test shoot.
Wow was that an experience, it was so scary and being a country girl, and far more of a tomboy than a girly girl, the idea of having my hair and make up done was not one I was looking forward to…in fact it was quite daunting. Even though I was 15 I actually didn’t own any make up and never EVER wore any!
The shoot was in a London studio with the brilliant photographer Nicole Marie Winkler who could not have made me feel more at ease and comfortable in front of the camera.
I turned up at the studio and was introduced to everyone very quickly before being whisked away into hair and make up. My hair was very natural as was my make up, which was a relief to me!
The next part of the day was probably the most surprising to me and definitely the most uncomfortable; little did I know that changing rooms do not exist in the modelling world, you just have to change in front of everyone! I really hated it because it was so abnormal to me (I would imagine the same for most people) and I felt very awkward…however I’ve had to get used to it and now on a shoot I don’t think twice about it , in fact I’m probably undressed before I’ve even been shown the outfit!
Next was actually being in front of the camera…let me just paint you a little picture of what it looks  like when you first step onto a standard set. Huge lights blaring down on you, a cross of tape on the floor where you need to stand, lots of people staring straight at you with tilted heads checking their hair, make up and clothes are all still looking good, and lastly the camera in the centre of all of this staring straight at you with the photographer behind it ready to work. Was this scary and intimidating? Of course! But I was working with the most lovely team who looked after me and helped me understand what was going on the best they could!
We did three different outfits in about an hour, it was all so quick and easy and I really did enjoy it!
When I saw the photographs, there were some that were good and some that were not so good…I shall put them below so you can see.
My three top tips to models on their first shoot are:
1. Listen to what the client wants – if you listen to them and take direction well, you’re a dream!
2. Don’t worry when the team look at you strangely on set and whisper to each other – they are looking at the hair or make up or how the overall look is, and whether it fits in with the rest of the shoot.
3. If in doubt call your agent – I can not express this more heavily. If you are ever asked to do something you feel uncomfortable with; whether that is something you have to wear or the team wanting to cut your hair or bleach your eyebrows etc, just excuse yourself to the bathroom and phone your agent, they will sort it out, and without making things awkward for you.

I hope this helps any of you aspiring models out there, enjoy your first shoot and the many more to come too!

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I've luckily learnt to open both eyes and not tilt my head so strangely!
I’ve luckily learnt to open both eyes and not tilt my head so strangely!

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Where it all began…

I get asked a lot, whether it’s in an interview or just by friends and people who I meet for the first time, “How did you get into modelling?” Unfortunately I don’t have a really cool story like some people, some people are found in airports, or when they were shopping with their friends or maybe at their school fashion show; I was scouted at the clothes show in Birmingham. My school would take us there every year on a trip for the last weekend before the Christmas holiday. I personally, being more of a country girl than a fashionista wasn’t very excited about going to the clothes show, but everyone was going and I didn’t want to miss out, turned out (not just because I was scouted) but I had a really fun time and then went back the year after…also so great for a bit of Christmas shopping!

So, we arrived at the clothes show and I was walking round with two of my friends. I remember one of my friends turning to me and saying “Someone’s following us!” at which point I was tapped on the shoulder by my agency Storm, they were really nice, gave me their card and took pictures of me and chatted to me for a bit and told me that “Kate Moss’ booker will call your Mum in the morning”, I was TERRIFIED, but it was also very exciting! We then carried on walking around the shops and looking at some of the catwalks when I was then spotted by three other agencies, and actually ended up on one of their catwalks in the afternoon, I then had to do an interview for The Independent. It was the most crazy, scary, overwhelming and most of all exciting day!

I went into Storm a few weeks later with my Mum, and I have to say, that if I thought the clothes show was scary, I was very much mistaken because walking into Storm for the first time was the MOST scary thing ever. A modelling agency is always buzzing with people, however, we went in during the middle of fashion week which is 100 times more busy and buzzy than usual! When we were waiting to be seen there was one model that walked passed us who was beautiful, had legs longer than you could imagine and was stick thin…Mum and I just looked at each other with rather amazed faces, and I remember thinking “Well I’m no where near that tall or glamorous, may as well quit before I start!” We weren’t at the office for very long, but while we were there I was measured, had photos taken and introduced to everyone who worked there, which again was rather overwhelming as I just stood by the table with all the bookers on it staring (and smiling) at me! Two days after meeting and signing with Storm I had a test shoot with the most lovely photographer, Nicole Marie Winkler, who made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera. I’ve written a diary of all my shoots (well, most of them) and one thing I wrote about this one which struck me as being quite strange for a 15 year old girl, was that I was incredibly embarrassed about having my hair and make up done, I may have been 15, but I hadn’t used any make up, certainly didn’t own any and had never cared about what I looked like. So really my worst part of that shoot was having my hair and make up done…which I would imagine is most girls’ dreams!

A few weeks later I was in Paris casting for Balenciaga, and a couple of weeks after that I was shooting my first campaign for them!
A lot of people say “wow, well done you, what an achievement!” And yes it definitely was an achievement, but I personally see it as I was in the right place at the right time, and I was extremely lucky to land that campaign, and owe so much to Nicolas Ghesquiere and the rest of the team at Balenciaga for starting my career!
So that is where it all began!

Bye for Now

My First Balenciaga Campaign…and yes that is my real hair!
At the clothes show with all the male models off the catwalk!